Epic Rank

14.99 EUR

Epic Rank Perks:

  • Champion Pack (One Time)
  • 10 sethomes 
  • RTP to biome 
  • No AFK kick 
  • [Legendary] Blaze Pet (/gmenu) 
  • ALL emotes unlocked 
  • ALL crafting station commands 
  • /anvil 
  • /condense 
  • /near 
  • /nick (change color ONLY)
  • /ptime 
  • /skull

...and ALL perks from Myth Rank.

For a full comparison of perks between ranks, visit our rank comparison.

The Epic Rank is a permanent purchase and the rank will not wear off unless there has been a violation of our terms of service. You will keep the ranks as long as the server is online or you abide by our TOS. We reserve the right to terminate your access to the listed perks or/and change the perks anytime with any reason, as per our terms of service.

You are NOT allowed to sell or buy any donor items with other players! Any traded items will be confiscated, and if you try to hide the fact that you bought or sold the item your money will be RESET!

By purchasing a rank, you will be supporting the server and all of our future endeavors by allowing us to purchase better resources, which we will be using to provide you the best possible survival experience and pay for the server costs. If you would like to see us grow, but can not spend large amounts on products; consider making a custom donation which can be made in small portions and will still support the server greatly.

- Avallion Staff